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FangioBiography Bythe UTaC Team, Translated by Steve Barber
Rememberingthe Maestro BySteve Barber

TheUTaC team welcomes you to the English version of "Un tributo al Chueco"(A tribute to el Chueco). We are just opening the site and, right now,only Fangio's biography and the Steve Barber Article is available in English.We will continue working to give you as soon as possible additional contentstranslated to English.If you detect any kind of syntax or semantic error,please let us know. We willapreciate your help. Thank you and enjoy. 


UTaCTeam is Un Tributo al Chueco Team. 
-=[Gerardo Sabaris, Vicente J. Sillitti, Gustavo Morales Peña &Ivan Clavijos ]=-

 Special Thank´sfor the translation of Steve!.
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